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  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  

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  We hope you will enjoy our big selection of reliable Solar Batteries, Solar Battery Chargers and Solar iPhone Charger models, multimedia computer speakers, acoustic vibration speakers and laptop speakers.
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Frequently Asked Questions :: Models MP-837F (with FM Transmitter)

To help you understand and know your player better, we have collected here the answers to the most common questions, received by our Support Department.

1. How do I upgrade the firmware and/or get "Game Section" to work?


* All iceTECH products have 1 year manufacturer's warranty coverage. We will repair or replace the product for you free of charge within 1 year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover physical damage resulting from mishandling of product by the consumer or submersion in water. Please contact SUPPORT Department regarding warranty product replacement or repairs.

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