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  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  
  KEO mp4 mp3 media players  

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F.A.Q.: How do I get Game Section to work?

In case you are missing GAMES Section on your KEO, follow these instructions to bring back the games:

1. Install "AMV Convert Tools". Latest version is available here:,(7Mb)
After installation it will appear as "MP3 Player Utilities" in your program list.

2. Make sure your KEO is turned OFF.

3. Connect your player to computer, wait about 10 seconds until the computer will recognize the player. Then open "MP3 Player Upgrade Tool" program from this "MP3 Player Utilities" folder in "Program Files".

4. The following window will appear:


5. Click "Select new firmware file" button:


IMPORTANT!! - do NOT try these firmware upgrades on other player modifications! It will make them non-operable!

6.1. For KEO MP-833 series
models: MP-833-331, MP-833-332, MP-833-333, MP-833-334
with 1.5" screen and FM Radio (comes originally packaged in a red carton box):

Download this software bundle: (8.1Mb) and try these three files for player upgrade:

- 1.5inch-91-061102-game.fw
- 91.48-1.5-1game-A7-061108.fw
- 2093.48-1game-5k1.fw

One of them should work for your specific version of "MP-833 built" player model.
In case your player stops responding after an upgrade or acts strange - this indicates that you just used the wrong firmware upgrade file out of the three available for MP-833.
Turn KEO OFF and connect to PC again. Wait 30-45 seconds until KEO is identified by your computer. Then repeat the procedure with another firmware file. Be patient as you may need to repeat this procedure 2-3 times before you pick the right upgrade file and bring GAMES section back again.

6.2. For KEO MP-837
models: MP-837-331, MP-837-332, MP-837-333, MP-837-334
with 1.8" screen and FM Radio (comes originally packaged in a blue box):

- Download this software bundle: KEO 1,8 (5.5Mb)

- Unzip it and first use the file SF-1820-index.fw for an upgrade. Disconnect the player from the PC when upgrade is complete. Do not be surprised that KEO is not working after this first file as it will require one more file to be applied to finish the procedure.

- Wait 10-15 seconds then connect it again and use file "SF-1820-games-0314.FW" for the upgrade.

8. When you get an "Upgrade Complete" message, unplug your player from PC and turn it on. Check for GAMES Section - it should be available now.

NOTE: various player editions may have different games available on them. Most common one is "Russian Block" - a variation of the well-known TETRIS.



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